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Here’s a comment I made on someone’s blog about how non-biblical marriages (i.e., featuring homosexuals, cheaters, divorcées, etc.) are destroying the concept of family and are therefore a detriment to society.  Basically the OP was arguing that for a society to flourish, it must follow the Bible, especially in the area of marriage and family.  […]

Atheism survey


Well, I dunno if I’d call myself an all-out atheist, but i thought this survey would be interesting to take nonetheless. Enjoy! Q1. How would you define “atheism”? Atheism is nothing more or less than the lack of belief in a god or gods. It’s not a religion or philosophy. It’s a simple yes/no stance […]

Ashta jaharam.


Like I mentioned in my last post [since deleted. sorry!], I have lately been feeling a reconnection with Christianity, specifically with the character of Jesus. This is all well and good, because Jesus was a great guy, and I think he had some really good ideas and a firm base in God. But in the […]